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In Memory of our dear departed friends

Photograph taken today, 1 July, 2004, as she grazed - gratefully - for the last time.
Thank you Tom & Michele.

She came into my life over twenty years ago - frightened of almost everything...couldn't tie for shit.... didn't load in a trailer for shit either. And, I saw instantly she had spirit as vastas the Milky Way, spreading softly across my heart like a billion, shining stars. She took me butt first down a steep, Sierra shale face, peaking back over her left shoulder with that look in her eye that said - "Hold on, darlin', this is going to be a wild ride." When she got us to the bottom - safely, she shook violently - almost sent me flyin' - as much to shake off her jitters as the inch of dust covering both of us. When we first went swimming together at Red's Lake, I watched the wonder and awe froth across her eyes as she became weightless in the deep water... with me hanging on, slidin' all over the place on her wet, slippery back.

Kelsey & Calypso

She has been my beloved friend and exquisite Life coach, demonstrating God-Love perfectly. I didn't train her these last twenty years. She trained me. Calypso couldn't have asked for a better teacher, surrogate mother and companion. To his credit, he allowed her to believe right up today that she has always been the one in charge. What a guy.

May you fly high, sweet lady ... you are free to roam the heavens as you wish ... I will forever remember your strength and grace. Thank you for sharing your spirit with me, for teaching so many of my friends how much fun riding a horse can be ... and for making me a better, kinder person.


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