Pets In Memory

In Memory of our dear departed friends

Not just a dog ... but the carrier of my soul.

July 4, 1995 - March 2, 2003

... God spoke, "Of all creation you live nearest to the noble heavenly traits; and so my name I backward gladly spell and call you DOG."

The raven brought her to me and the coyote took her back.

Yesterday Raven, lame and very game, took a cross-country 5-mile ski with me around Lake Mary, staying by my side or ahead of me, even on the downhill section, with classy athleticism despite her disablity. After dinner, just after dark, I took her for a walk, and on the way home she spotted coyotes in the snow near the house. As was her "job", she streaked like a bullet, forgetting her sore leg, to move them out, in the process probably fracturing the tumorous bone (diagnosed only 3 days ago). The pain was way too intense to wait for leg removal, and at 3 a.m. this morning the vet arrived from Bishop to send her on her last hike. She died in her bed, at the foot of my bed, her head in my lap.

So many highcountry miles have we trekked and backpacked together, so many pinky bronze sunsets, trout rising in the glassy lakes at dusk, her gaze on them as intent as my own.

"Mr. Bow Jangles....his dog up and died....after 20 years he still grieves."
And I know why.

Good girl, Raven. Veeerrry good girl.

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