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In Memory of our dear departed friends


June 9, 1993 - June 25, 2004

Outgoing, bold and funny, Stimpy had his last Excellent Adventure last Thursday night when he ran out the door behind Mystic and me. He was taken by the Coyote near his "escape" tree in front of the house exactly nine years and nine days after he moved to Mammoth. He ran out of lives. I will always remember his love of a car ride, of teasing dogs, trying to get attention by sliding upside down around the stairs, making it back to rental house in Mammoth after I moved to this house because he thought I'd left him, his funny lurking way of trying to take a walk with the dog and me, his tiny meow and silent, vibrating purr. I will never here a chickadee's call in Spring without thinking the bird is singing, "Here Stimpyyyy".

Stimpy Boy, R.I.P. I will miss you.

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