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Yogi 2000-2006
Yogi was the reason I decided to become a "dog person." I grew up with dogs, however, I never had my very own dog that I was completely responsible for until the spring of 2000. I was 30 years old and had just moved to Dallas TX. I was very lonely, I had no friends and was trying to meet people at the Gym, Yoga studio's and other social settings, however I didn't relate with anyone during that time. I missed Santa Fe NM where I had just moved from.

I'll never forget the day Yogi came into my life. I was feeling very sorry for myself, not fitting into the Dallas scene. I actually cried that day wishing I had a friend... someone I could talk to. I went to the Gym and floated in the pool for hours on my back watching the sky change to night and the moon become very bright. I had been in the pool for over 3 hours on my back, wishing and wanting that connection we all need. When I returned home, I received a call that there was a stray puppy in the neighborhood. I immediately agreed to foster the puppy and try to find a home. He was delivered to my house where I was sitting on the floor cross legged waiting for a energetic puppy to come bounding in. Instead, Yogi walked in very casually and came right up to me, climbed in my lap, curled up and just let me hold him. I had been reading the "Autobiography of a Yogi" so of course... Yogi had a name... and a home.

It took no time before we decided to move back to Santa Fe NM. I realize now that the reason I had to move to Dallas was to receive the most amazing gift I've ever been given.

I met Katherine Carter in Santa Fe shortly after I moved back. She has her own story about her first impression of Yogi, but I will say that when I dropped him off for the first time, she had her doubts because he is part "pit bull". She had a problem before, but I told her that he would be a VERY good boy and that he is socialized and great with other dogs. I could tell she didn't trust me, but she went ahead and accepted him on a trial basis. It was a 3 day business trip and I was very thankful that she agreed because I would never put him in a kennel. 2 days into my business trip I received a phone call from Katherine.. "Don't come home. You can't have him back." From then on, Katherine and Yogi spent A LOT of time together, and Katherine and I became great friends.

Yogi and I have had many years of hiking and cuddling. The saddest day of my life was when he was hit by a car in the Spring of 2006. It happened fast and he didn't suffer. However, I suffered greatly and still do.

Today I have Rumi. He looks almost exactly like Yogi, but is very different. I love him just as much as I love Yogi and I don't take one day for granted because our time with our animals is just way too short.

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